BSI Identify - BSI Identify - free construction product identification and information for supply chain operators

Transforming Safety Across The Supply Chain

A free one-stop resource

BSI Identify, using digital identifier technology, hopes to transform the construction industry by ensuring universal access to trusted, accurate and resilient product information.

All the product information on BSI Identify is freely available to construction supply chain operators.

Work with certainty

Make the right decisions at every stage of a building's lifecycle.

  • It's a quick and easy way to find the definitive information on a product – all in one place.
  • Identify or reference a product with cast-iron accuracy – from design, specification and procurement, to distribution, installation and maintenance.

See how it works

Take a look and see just how easy it is to accurately identify specific products and their corresponding product information with BSI Identify.

It's simple. Just scan the BSI UPIN on the right with your phone camera and you'll be taken to that product's information page, which is controlled by the manufacturer.

To see the steps involved in the technology, view our How does BSI Identify work infographic

To see how BSI Identify can benefit all supply chain operators in the lifecycle of a construction product, view our BSI Identify product lifecycle infographic

Supporting the whole construction industry:

Owners and developers

  • Get complete visibility and traceability of all elements included in your asset

  • Make sure your construction project is built as specified and maintained to the highest standards, by instructing your suppliers to list their products on BSI Identify

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Designers and specifiers

  • Rapidly access all product information, including production availability and compliance certifications

  • Safeguard the integrity of your design and make sure ‘as-built’ is closer to ‘as-specified’, with unambiguous product identification

  • Support the building’s performance and protect the safety of its users

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Contractors and installers

  • Ensure a smooth and accurate building process, with the correct products for the job

  • Check every product and component supplied, get quick access to the right installation guides, and uniquely record delivery to support your staged payment claims

  • Validate if approved installation is required to ensure safety standards are met

Take a look at our use cases infographics for contractors and installers


  • Keep up to date effortlessly and deliver the right product every time

  • Ensure product clarity from manufacturer to contractor, with a simple and unique digital identification code – the BSI UPIN

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Quantity Surveyors

  • Ensure that exactly the right products, raw materials and components are delivered and that building design integrity is maintained

  • Identify and verify products with ease, with the UPIN that permanently references every product back to the manufacturer

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  • Know exactly what products are in the final build

  • Have instant access to the manufacturer’s latest product information

  • Ensure accurate maintenance and find replacement parts easily

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