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Put safety first. Protect your customers and your reputation.

With BSI Identify, you have a single place to present, maintain and control all your product information – enabling quick and consistent identification right through the supply chain, and ensuring traceability and authenticity at every stage of construction.

By joining BSI Identify you can:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to product safety
  • Enhance your reputation as a responsible manufacturer with integrity
  • Reassure your customers by giving end-to-end, enduring access to product data
  • Protect your specifications throughout the whole construction process
  • Support your compliance to the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI)
  • Lead industry change, responding to the Golden Thread of information and 'Building A Safer Future' review by showcasing true transparency and accountability
  • Do the right thing and put safety first

Hear from our customers

It’s really important that people that use construction product information can trust the information in front of them. The sooner that we can get to the stage where every manufacturer uses BSI Identify the better. The sooner we can get to the stage that therefore every product on site has a QR code, and everyone involved in the selection, maintenance, checking of the product knows exactly what they’ve got in front of them the better. This has to be something for the whole industry.

Adam Turk, Chief Executive Officer, Siderise

Use innovation to reduce risk

Watch how BSI Identify utilises the latest digital technology to support your business and improve the lives of your customers, through robust product identification and access to accurate product information.

Help your business by helping your customers

Your presence on BSI Identify makes life easier for your customers, so you’re more likely to be their first port of call. View our product lifecycle infographic, to see how BSI Identify supports all supply chain operators.

Support your customers across the supply chain to:

  • Get simple, accurate product identification, from design to build to handover
  • Find the right products quickly and simply with unique identification
  • Make sure your products aren’t substituted during construction
  • Trace and verify your products in their final build
  • Simplify stock and data management through unique product identification
  • Ensure the correct product is delivered to site
  • Speed up the process of verification for efficient staged payments
  • Simplify handover through a digital and verifiable as-built asset registry

Your exclusive manufacturer's package

As a member of BSI Identify, you get:

  • A unique UPIN identifier for all your registered products, with unrestricted onward use
  • An enduring open-access information page for each product
  • The ability to bring all existing product information together in one digitally-connected record – anyone can find your product and your approved information on it, regardless of where they sourced it
  • An easy way to maintain key product data and relationships across the supply chain, with links directing users back to your own product resources for more information

Download our infographic to see how BSI Identify work infographic

What else?

BSI Identify is value-based so that manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from it.

Subscriptions are taken on an annual basis and the price is based on your annual turnover.

Full and free access to on-boarding support is included to help you transition.

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