Quantity Surveying

In quantity surveying, knowledge is king.

Having prior access to a project’s design, as well as the materials and products therein is crucial to providing a client with an accurate, overall construction cost. However, ascertaining such information, particularly in relation to products, can involve a frustratingly onerous process. With a large number of assets to assess, the piecemeal operation can also create a wide margin of calculative disagreement between quantity surveyor and client. BSI Identify, which allows simple, immediate access to accurate and resilient product information, is a gift to the surveying process. BSI Identify’s traceability capability offers rapid confirmation that the correct product has been delivered safely to site at the agreed time and quantity. BSI Identify also benefits the quantity surveying process by:

  • Ensuring building design integrity is maintained
  • Unambiguously identifying what a product is
  • Providing access to manufacturer’s contact information

Identifying specific products and their corresponding information couldn’t be easier with BSI Identify. Once a product is recognised via its Universal Persistent ID Number (UPIN), the user will immediately be taken to its corresponding web-based information page. For quantity surveyors, this enables quick, easy asset verification and more accurate project cost calculation. During build progress checks, BSI Identify offers rapid confirmation that products delivered to site are as ordered. In addition, the unique product identification process enables quantity surveyors to provide accurate final build verification and handover.

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