BSI Identify - Specifiers and design professionals

Specifiers and design professionals

Design professionals, such as architects, architectural technologists and engineers are responsible for specifying performance requirements for products and materials to ensure buildings and infrastructure works meet regulatory and stakeholder expectations. Indeed, depending on the scope of work they may suggest performance requirements or specify specific products – which meet such requirements – to meet the brief. BSI Identify was created for such an outcome. It provides quick, easy access to relevant and trusted product information. In doing so, it provides specifiers and design professionals with an efficient means to reference product information as well as an ability to reference products unambiguously. This is crucial to ensuring that appropriate product selections are made and supporting processes to ensure only those products cited in a specification are installed.

Additionally, BSI Identify contributes to:

- Safeguarding specification and reducing instances of products being swapped-out

- Addressing the performance-gap issue in relation to predicated performance outcomes (such as thermal performance)

- Creating a safer, healthier environment for occupants

Identifying specific products and their corresponding information couldn’t be easier with BSI Identify. Once a product is identified via its Universal Persistent ID Number (UPIN), a range of basic information such as accreditations, data sheets or user guides are immediately accessible via a mobile phone or laptop. Therefore, whether a product is pre-or-post installation, its crucial characteristics are available to view directly via the website or a simple QR code scan.

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