As a product journeys through the supply chain, and often around the country, maintaining a reliable link to current manufacturer information is challenging.

This can be further complicated by distributors sometimes providing a their own marking and identifiers, depending on the region that is stocking the product. This often means customers have no guarantee that a product’s information is the most relevant and up-to-date. BSI Identify helps solve this issue.

Through its digitally imbedded Universal Persistent Identification Number (UPIN), the service provides an ‘umbrella’ ID that can be linked to any other product identifiers and connect users to a persistence central resource that is updated whenever a product’s details change. This enables distributors to manage and maintain up-to-date, accurate information about product stock, including updates, recalls and photos.

Even if a product is no longer being manufactured, BSI Identify’s networked identifier capability ensures the product’s information will endure. This persistent traceability assures customers that their chosen product will contribute to building safety by being utilised and installed correctly.
BSI Identify also benefits distributors by:

  • Simplifying database management through unique and singular product ID
  • Speeding up invoice approval by improving verification of onsite deliveries
  • Ensuring product clarity from manufacturer to contractor with a simple, unique digital identification code

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For Manufacturers

By leveraging BSI Identify's solution, manufacturers can streamline their processes, enhance product visibility, mitigate risks, and ensure the integrity and security of their products.

For Supply Chain Operators

Traceability provides transparency and enables quick identification of a product. It plays a crucial role in ensuring quality control, safety, compliance with regulations, and effective management of recalls or product issues. BSI Identify ensures that supply chain operators have universal access to trusted, accurate and resilient product information


This video addresses one of the significant challenges in the construction industry: ensuring that the specified products are indeed the ones installed. BSI Identify emerges as a solution, providing a lifetime marking on a product that leads directly to the technical data sheet with all necessary information.