To ensure a building’s or infrastructure works’ long-term structural integrity is upheld, good maintenance should be considered integral to the overall delivery process.

Correct installation of specified products and materials is a foundation for success, but even the most reliable systems are known to fail. Therefore, having instant access to information that offers clear, unambiguous guidance on how a product is best refurbished or better still, maintained to prevent the need for repair, is a must for owners and contractors. BSI Identify was designed for such purpose. Its enduring networked identifier technology provides universal access to trusted, accurate and resilient product information, including maintenance and installation guidance. With recall and service information another key aspect of technical information that is readily available via the Identify service, users have all the know-how they need to ensure a product’s effective performance. BSI Identify also benefits the product maintenance process by:

  • Identifying which products feature in the final build
  • Confirms the frequency and type of product maintenance required

Identifying specific products and their corresponding information couldn’t be easier with BSI Identify. Once a product is recognised via its Universal Persistent ID Number (UPIN), the user will immediately be taken to its corresponding web-based information page. This is an essential innovation in respect of product maintenance, giving users direct access to the manufacturer’s information that will be precise and crucial to assuring an asset’s safe and efficient upkeep.

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The need to be tender

It can be said that the chosen procurement strategy is the most significant factor in the success of a construction project.

Competitive edge to be gained by early adopters of building product ID

The industry is facing many challenges and everyone will need to adapt accordingly. This adaptability is particularly pertinent to manufacturers as we rely on their innovations to help us create better buildings.

For Manufacturers

Product traceability is an important aspect for construction product manufacturers, as it helps ensure compliance with industry regulations, maintain quality control, and facilitate efficient supply chain management.

For Supply Chain Operators

Construction product traceability plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety, and compliance of materials used in construction projects. BSI Identify allows supply chain operators to monitor the movement of products, ensuring transparency, quality control, and compliance with regulations.


This video addresses one of the significant challenges in the construction industry: ensuring that the specified products are indeed the ones installed. BSI Identify emerges as a solution, providing a lifetime marking on a product that leads directly to the technical data sheet with all necessary information.