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BSI has worked closely with the Construction Products Association and industry representatives in the creation of BSI Identify. BSI is the only registration agency authorized to provide construction product IDs, we create and issue the unique BSI UPIN (Universal Persistent Identification Number).

BSI Identify

BSI Identify is a new service operated by BSI to provide unambiguous identification for products and the long-term persistent storage of associated product information that can be accessed using a digital ID called a UPIN (Unique Persistent Identification Number).

The service provides a consistent approach to identification of construction products that supports the industry as it continues to digitize and addresses critical safety issues.

About BSI

Our purpose is to inspire trust for a more resilient world. Our mission is to share knowledge, innovation and best practice to help people and organizations make excellence a habit. This is underpinned by our role as the national standards body and through our prestigious Royal Charter.

For more than a century we have been challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed excellence into the way people and products work. As a global leader in helping organizations improve, our clients range from high profile brands to small, local companies in 193 countries worldwide.

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The Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association (CPA) has played a major role and supported the initiative from its conception. As a Founding Industry Partner, the CPA continues to contribute its expertise and advice on the strategic direction of the service as well as facilitating the voice of manufacturers to be heard.

About the Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association is the leading organisation that represents and champions construction product manufacturers and suppliers. This vital UK industry defines our built environment, providing the products and materials needed for homes, offices, shops, roads, railways, schools and hospitals. Our industry directly provides jobs for 373,000 people across 24,000 companies and has an annual turnover of £61 billion.

Barbour Product Search, part of the Barbour ABI family, is proud to support BSI Identify and will feature the initiative across the product profiles of any manufacturers within the scheme who showcase their products on the Barbour Product Search platform.

The entire Barbour ABI family firmly believes in the goals of BSI Identify and in furthering the knowledge and education of the entire construction industry to create a safer environment for all creators and users of the built environment.

About Barbour Product Search

Barbour Product Search is the leading online content delivery tool used by construction industry professionals to specify and procure building materials. Aside from being an online product directory that has over 30,000 product profile views per month and 80,000 subscribers to their newsletter, Barbour Product Search also serves as an education hub for the construction industry through their CPD Learning Centre, which manufacturers can use to host their own CPDs and gain Barbour Product Search Accreditation.

Barbour Product Search is part of the Barbour ABI family of brands, which also includes Barbour ABI: the industry-leaders in construction market intelligence, and AMA Research: the creators of the highest quality market reporting, analysis and forecasting in construction.

Guid3d Home

Guid3d is championing the drive towards a digital standard for property records and ongoing digital handover. As a BSI Identify collaboration partner we’re proud to be the first live integration of BSI Identify’s UPIN; offering the ability to tag product UPIN’s to individual buildings and dwellings. Alongside other supported key property features, documents and safety information; Guid3d provides a web and mobile app enabling the ongoing handover of property information to homeowners and property managers.

About Guid3d

Guid3d’s unique digital handover software enables home builders and operators to quickly digitise property records and re-use this digital asset to transform the property sales and marketing process; property handover and customer care experience.

Guid3d’s digital property record is easily maintained across the life of the building to support handover to future owners, operators and tenants.

For more information on how Guid3d’s web and mobile app transforms residential property handover and customer experience visit here

The DOI Foundation

The DOI Foundation are the ISO appointed Registration Authority for ISO 26324 Information and documentation — Digital object identifier system. The DOI Foundation and its community have supported our work to build and successfully launch BSI Identify. The BSI Identify service is powered by DOI.