BSI Identify - Contractors and installers

Contractors and Installers

Ever-tighter time and budgetary constraints have added to the challenges contractors face in ensuring client brief and building regulation compliance.

Whilst there is no excuse for poor workmanship, unprecedented time pressures can lead to mistakes or practices not being upheld as rigorously as they should be.

Errant actions can prove particularly costly in respect of incorrect product or material installation. However, with the marketplace filled with similar, as often inferior, products and materials, is it any wonder that crucial installation details can be overlooked when workplace demands are at a peak? BSI Identify is essential to mitigating such an outcome. The service’s digital identifier technology allows immediate access to proven, accurate and resilient product information – including installation guides. This introduces an element of certainty to product installation, helping to speed-up the process without compromising efficiency or quality. BSI Identify also benefits the installation process as it can:

  • Reduces time spent on raising and responding to technical queries
  • Enable uniquely recorded delivery to support staged payment claims
  • Verify if approved installation is required to ensure safety standards are met

Identifying specific products and their corresponding information couldn’t be easier with BSI Identify. Once a product is recognised via its Universal Persistent ID Number (UPIN), the user will immediately be taken to its web-based information page. This enables even the most complex applications to be completed correctly, safely and more efficiently. Therefore, whether an installation involves difficult-to-reach spaces such as a basement or high-rise building, a BSI Identify-registered product will solve any pressing technical enquires due to its installation guidance being readily to hand via a simple mobile phone scan. It’s a novel innovation that offers assurance to contractor and installer during particularly challenging projects.

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For Manufacturers

Product traceability is a crucial aspect of the manufacturing process that enables manufacturers to track and trace their products throughout the supply chain. With BSI Identify, manufacturers can capture and document detailed information about a product's journey from its origin to the end consumer.

For Supply Chain Operators

By implementing robust product traceability systems, supply chain operators can enhance their operational efficiency, mitigate risks, improve product quality, and build trust among consumers by providing transparent information. With BSI Identify's unique identification system, supply chain operators have easy access to all relevant information.


This video addresses one of the significant challenges in the construction industry: ensuring that the specified products are indeed the ones installed. BSI Identify emerges as a solution, providing a lifetime marking on a product that leads directly to the technical data sheet with all necessary information.

…but you can’t digitise bricks!

In my last blog, I linked the human chemical desire driving the inexorable adoption (and tolerance) of anything that allows us to communicate more, and how the often-underappreciated move towards digitisation of our built environment carries hallmarks of that innate instinct.

The Haphazard March of Progress

It is undeniable that as human society progresses, it does so alongside the technology it is underpinned by. Looking closely, there’s an uneasy link between the progression of technology and that of societies. It can be the society which drives the technology, or vice-versa. Usually there is an unquantifiable mixture of both meaning the march of progress resembles more of a stagger.

Is there an alternative to digitalization?

In the previous blogs in this series, I examined the progress our sector has made in the past decade or so. As explained progress is not the neat, linear path that we would maybe wish for, but that trial and error, despite being the most resilient path to change is seldom the most direct. In addition, I described how there is no point in digitalisation acolytes, like me trying to win over practically minded engineers and facility managers, if they cannot demonstrate that their plans, ideas or tools are going to make the day-to-day life of such an individual or their organisations more effective.