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Learn more about digital platforms that could ultimately facilitate virtual design and construction of multiple building systems.

A digitized, resource-efficient and resilient built environment

Hear from Dr Seyed Ghaffar on the digitalization of processes and products to improve efficiency and sustainability within the built environment.

The Construction Product Journey

In this blog, we are going to outline the challenges market actors face when dealing with the journey of constructions products through the supply chain.

Home Ownership 2.0

How does the home of the future look like? Let's have a look at home ownership 2.0 and how digital traceability can transform our lives

Digital transformation, and how standards can help

Find out more about digital transformation in the built environment and how standards can help you.

Global uncertainty impacting construction products

Find out how to mitigate the impact of the lack of availability of constructions products following a pandemic and global conflicts.

The built environment faces a challenging future

Discover what challenges lie ahead in the digitalization of the built environment sector.

It's a match! BSI Identify and Insulfix

Find out more about the Insulfix story and how they are using BSI Identify.

LEXiCON: Laying the foundations for efficient and effective product data

Find out more about the Lexicon project and how it can work with BSI Identify to help the industry make product information accessible.

What do digital object identifiers mean for the built environment?

Read this blog to find out more about the DOI Foundation and how DOI technology can be applied to the built environment.

Why product traceability matters across the built environment supply chain

Why does product traceability matter? This is the question we set out to answer during our webinar with Barbour ABI on the issue of traceability in the supply chain.

The challenges in creating effective handover information between builders and homeowners

In this blog, Oliver Perry, Co-Founder of The Guid3d Home outlines the main challenges faced by home builders and homeowners in the handover process.

Why product traceability matters

An interview with the CPA's Peter Caplehorn and BSI's Dan Rossiter

How does BSI Identify support the CCPI?

Access the CCPI and discover the 4 clauses we can help with.

5 Tips for innovation in manufacturing

Read our 5 tips to encourage innovation in your manufacturing business.

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