How does BSI Identify support the Code for Construction Product Information?

In September 2021 The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) was published, in response to the Dame Judith Hackitt Building a Safer Future review, as a way of addressing change towards the effective management of product information.

The code, which was orchestrated via the Construction Product’s Association’s creation of an independent Marketing Integrity Group, sought to deliver a vehicle for positive industry collaboration.

Consisting of eleven-clauses, the code aims to ensure that users of a construction product always have the most accurate information to hand. In doing so it supports the decision-making process around products and their usage, whether that be for specification, installation or maintenance.

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The CCPI is built around product manufacturers ensuring that their information meets the following 5 criteria:

Clear, Accurate, Up-to-date, Accessible and Unambiguous.

Manufacturers who choose to sign the code are agreeing to abide by the clauses for the products they identify , which will give confidence to the supply chain that the product information provided meets the specified criteria.

For manufacturers looking for a means to conform to the code, BSI Identify may be able to help you meet the following clauses:

Clause 4:

A manufacturer must provide valid and demonstrable documentation where claiming compliance to, or achievement of, any Certification, Classification, or Industry Standard.

BSI Identify provides a space to signpost stakeholders to so that they have access the correct product information; here each UPIN product landing page can present product certification and compliance details along with further supporting information.

Clause 6:

A Manufacturer must make available on their webpage the descriptive and physical characteristics of the Construction Product…

Many of the examples of important descriptive and physical characteristics given in the code are either presented at as part of the UPIN product record (such as Manufacturer, Product Name, Code/Model/Reference/SKU, Description) or made readily accessible via linked to resources for information such as safety datasheets and application information where they are made available by the manufacturer.

Clause 8:

A manufacturer must publish and make easily accessible, on their webpage clear Product Information, where applicable, on handling, installation, operation, maintenance, and disposal of Construction Products

As a webpage under your control, each UPIN product landing page enables easy access to a range of accurate information required to support Handling, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Disposal.

Clause 10:

A Manufacturer must ensure technical helpline contact details (telephone and / or email) are visible and accessible on their webpage.

Access to accurate manufacturer contact information is one click away from the UPIN product landing page.

In summary, The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) aims to improve the quality and accuracy of product information. Manufactures who wish to conform to the code may benefit from using BSI Identify and its UPIN product landing page to efficiently present and control clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous product information. In addition, by enabling direct access to product information, BSI identify helps join the dots across the supply chain, so that every product can be unambiguously identified and traced.

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