BSI Identify - BSI Identify and Insulfix

It’s a match! BSI Identify and Insulfix

In 2016 a carpenter called Jason Cureton was wrestling with a familiar building problem: how to fit insulation boards between rafters in cramped loft spaces. Like many builders, Jason had found this a frustrating and time-consuming task for years. But after a particularly difficult session, he came up with the idea of a plastic sleeve to hold the insulation in place.

And that’s how the Insulfix track was born. Years later the company is now an innovative construction start-up in the UK, helping installers to simplify their jobs.

As industry veterans, with years spent in the construction industry, the Insuflix team was deeply aware of the impact of product traceability on the supply chain. Products get substituted, recalled, and much more, resulting in traceability challenges, with information that is often scattered across various sources and not easily accessible by the people who need it the most.

BSI Identify gives manufacturers the ability to have key product information in an accessible and permanent format thanks to the use of digital identifiers called BSI UPINs.

“Being part of BSI Identify gives us the peace of mind that our information will not go missing.” Rob Warren, Technical Director at Insulfix

The Insulfix team was able to give their customers not only the peace of mind of ease access to all of their product information when they need it, but also the reassurance of seeing their link with BSI, a well-known and trusted name in the industry.

To find out more about the Insulfix story, read our case study and get in touch to request more information on BSI Identify.

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