BSI Identify - Insulfix - Why BSI Identify is a great fit for Insulfix

Why BSI Identify is a great fit for Insulfix

The story at a glance

Insulfix is a product designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by an installer, for installers, to make a complex job simple. Insulfix ‘Track’ overcomes the challenging, time-consuming issue of fixing insulation boards between rafters using the traditional friction fitting method.

Insulfix was founded and invented by carpenter, Jason Cureton. The ingeniously simple solution eliminates the need for costly, wasteful tapes and foams when attempting to fill energy-escaping ventilation gaps between the roof rafters and insulation. UPVC Insulfix Track ensures PIR insulation boards can be fitted in the correct position to maintain the ventilation gap whilst closing the energy performance gap. This is achieved by the Track, which simply fits over the rafter with a retaining ledge and locks a board into place.

Following a heat transfer coefficient (HTC) assessment through the Built Environment Climate Change Innovation (BECCI) project, the Insulfix Track product was found to produce a 67% improvement in energy methods compared to the friction fit method. Moreover, a customer feedback form revealed a triple garage requiring insulation at rafter level only took four hours with one fitter to install using Insulfix Track, as opposed to an estimated 16 hours with two fitters.

Why BSI Identify

Rob Warren, Technical Director at Insulfix

As industry veterans, with years spent in the construction industry, the Insuflix team was deeply aware of the impact of product traceability on the supply chain. Products get substituted, recalled and much more, resulting in traceability challenges, with information that is often scattered across various sources and not easily accessible by the people who need it most.

BSI Identify gives manufacturers the ability to have key product information in an accessible and permanent format thanks to the use of digital identifiers called BSI UPINs. BSI Identify is a way for anyone to find information about a product when they want it – today, tomorrow, until the end of the project and beyond. That persistence of the data is absolutely key and fundamentally essential to the creation of a better-built environment.

The Benefits

BSI Identify is a very good fit for an innovative company such as Insulfix; it was a no-brainer that it should become an early adopter of the service. Different pieces of Insulfix Track can look very similar but a UPIN lets fitters scan and identify each one correctly. They can also scan a QR code to go straight to an Insulfix video that shows how to install boards quickly and easily.

One of BSI Identify’s prime benefits is the service it provides in looking after a client’s information. It means if a customer’s website falls over one day, people can still access that information elsewhere. Customers are also kept informed if there are issues with their links.

Being associated with BSI also reflects well on companies, particularly in the eyes of customers. BSI is a well-known and trusted name, which benefits a relatively new company such as Insulfix.

Essentially, adopting BSI Identify is a way of saying you care about your customers.

“It’s a way for anyone to find information about a product when they want it – today, tomorrow, until the end of the project and beyond.” Read case study via the link below.

Enduring access to construction product information

With BSI Identify you can improve your productivity and reduce costs, but also:

  • Secure your product specification and control substitution pressures
  • Reduce in-use product failure risks and safeguard your reputation by supporting correct installation
  • Help meet the requirements of the CCPI; code for construction product information
  • Get prepared for changes to legislation with requirements for product labelling and identification expected
  • Help lead change in the industry
  • Provide direct access to installation guidance (including videos) to builders and enforcers (building control) helping to ensure buildings comply The result: better audit trails, product visibility and safety right across the built environment.