Building Safety Golden Thread

Work with certainty

BSI Identify is an innovative response to Dame Judith Hackitt’s call for the creation of a consistent labelling and product traceability system to improve building safety. The proposal formed part of Dame Judith’s ‘Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety’.

A need for the built environment sector to ‘accelerate the adoption of readily available means of product traceability’ was a key aspect of the report, with Dame Judith’s requirement for a building safety ‘golden thread’ being enabled by products carrying ‘permanent marking’ to ensure their ready identification to property stakeholders.

Although not yet legislation, manufacturers that contribute to the golden thread of information through digitally enabled product traceability will demonstrate a commitment to building safety, quality and best practice methods. It will also help create a USP as well as enhance your businesses’ reputation.

In addition, manufacturers that adopt a product traceability strategy by joining a service such as BSI Identify could be fast tracking their solutions in respect of specification. With an increasing number of largescale building developers already requiring a basic level of product ID to enhance building safety, manufacturers with this capability will have a distinct advantage over competitors yet to come on board with the service.

Ultimately, early adoption of technology that supports product traceability helps engender a sense of trust with installers and specifiers alike. It denotes that a manufacturer’s product information is reliable, relevant and up-to-date. The information’s persistence, as well as its easy accessibility, is the epitome of what is called for with the golden thread. Enabling product traceability through digital ready systems such as BSI Identify offer a most visible way of branding a business as an advocate for improved, consistent build quality and building safety.

See how it works

Take a look and see just how easy it is to accurately identify specific products and their corresponding product information with BSI Identify.

It's simple. Just scan the BSI UPIN on the right with your phone camera and you'll be taken to that product's information page, which is controlled by the manufacturer.

To see the steps involved in the technology, view our How does BSI Identify work infographic

To see how BSI Identify can benefit all supply chain operators in the lifecycle of a construction product, view our BSI Identify product lifecycle infographic